Quality Matters by BreAnn Hollis

My obsession with online shopping has gone slightly past the point of manageable in 2018. With so many styles evolving that catch my interest, it’s hard to keep up. Online shopping has always been an easy avenue for me because of the level of availability for my ever-changing schedule. One of the more frequent styles that consistently stays on my radar is workout attire. Being an active person, I’m always looking for that “right fit” in both my gym and casual attire – as most times they’re typically similar. Additionally, in my line of work, I can be flexible with my everyday uniform.

There has been nothing more frustrating in my recent months of online browsing and purchasing than seeing, what seems to be, a good quality pair of leggings on the screen in front of me and receiving a generic substitute. No matter where you’re ordering from, the rules should stay the same. Honor your word. Simple.

Yet, not so simple. We’ve all experienced the let down feeling of trying on your new leggings for the first time and YIKES…. hello panty line! With iloveleggings.com, you can easily depict the style and quality of leggings that you’re purchasing through the sites detailed descriptions and real-life photos. If you’re a control top lover or have a preference for the crop style, iloveleggings.com has the perfect fit to turn all heads at the free weight station.
Quality Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will gladly issue 100% of your money back. No questions asked. 

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